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Ahangama is a beautiful coastal town located in the southern province of Sri Lanka. It is a popular tourist destination due to its stunning beaches, amazing waves and laid-back lifestyle. It is an ideal place for surfers, as it is home to some of the best surfing spots in the country. Apart from surfing, tourists can also indulge in other activities such as snorkeling, diving, fishing and whale watching. The town is also known for its delicious seafood, served in local restaurants. Ahangama is a perfect place to relax, unwind and soak up the sun on the beach while enjoying the serene ambience.

Food in Ahangama

Ahangama, Sri Lanka is a beautiful coastal town that has plenty of amazing food options for tourists. When it comes to food, you will find a mix of local and international cuisine to suit your taste buds.

For those who love seafood, Ahangama is the perfect place to indulge. Freshly caught prawns, crabs, and fish are readily available and can be cooked in various ways, including grilled or curried. If you're feeling adventurous, you can even try the traditional Sri Lankan dish, deviled prawns that is made with plenty of spices and peppers.

Sri Lankan rice and curry is also a must-try dish when in Ahangama. It comes with a selection of vegetarian or non-vegetarian curries, served with fluffy rice, and other accompaniments like papadums and chutneys.

For a quick snack or light meal, you can try some of the local street food, like Hoppers or Pol Roti. Hoppers are small, crispy pancakes made with rice flour and coconut milk and come with a variety of toppings like eggs, cheese, or even seafood. Pol Roti, on the other hand, is a savory flatbread made with grated coconut and flour, often served with onion sambol or curry.

Finally, don't forget to try some of the tropical fruits that Sri Lanka has to offer. From juicy pineapples to sweet mangoes, there's a wide variety of fruits to choose from.

Overall, Ahangama has something for every foodie to enjoy, and you won't be disappointed with the diverse and delicious options available.

Amazing places to visit in Ahangama

Ahangama, a small coastal town in southern Sri Lanka, offers a variety of attractions for tourists. One of the main draws is its beautiful beaches - perfect for swimming, sunbathing, or surfing. You can even take a lesson or rent a board to test out the waves.

For history and culture buffs, there are several temples and shrines in Ahangama worth visiting. The Kataluva Purvarama Maha Viharaya, for example, is an ancient Buddhist temple that dates back to the 2nd century BC. Another notable religious site is the Kushtarajagala statue, a famous figure of Lord Buddha located on a cliff overlooking the ocean.

If you're looking for more outdoor activities, you can take a boat ride on the nearby Koggala Lake or go whale watching off the coast. Or, for a more relaxed day, you can visit the Handunugoda Tea Estate and take a tour of the plantation to learn about how tea is grown and processed.

Finally, no trip to Ahangama would be complete without a taste of the local cuisine. Seafood is a staple of the region, and there are numerous restaurants serving up delicious Sri Lankan fare - from spicy curries to fresh seafood dishes.

Overall, Ahangama offers a mix of natural beauty, cultural sites, and tasty eats that are sure to delight any traveler.

Best time to travel

Ahangama, located on the South Coast of Sri Lanka, is an ideal tourist destination that provides a mesmerizing blend of tropical beauty and authentic Sri Lankan culture. The best time to visit Ahangama would be from November to April. During this period, the weather is largely sunny and dry, making it perfect for traveling, sightseeing, and indulging in various outdoor activities. Temperatures are comfortable, and there is low humidity, making it an ideal time to enjoy the pristine beaches Ahangama has to offer.

Furthermore, November to April is also an optimal time for surfing enthusiasts as the waves are suitable for beginners and experienced surfers alike. During the peak season, Ahangama hosts numerous surfing competitions, making it an exciting time to witness and participate in the sport.

However, it should be noted that since this is the peak season, the prices of accommodations and other tourist activities may rise, so it's best to plan ahead and book in advance. But overall, the period between November to April offers visitors an unforgettable and authentic Sri Lankan experience, and Ahangama should definitely be on the bucket list of any traveler looking for an unforgettable vacation.

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